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Selling with Christine

I will help you sell your property faster and easier, getting you full value for your investment.

When you list your Kelowna home or condo with Christine Wolter from Royal LePage, you?re choosing a professional, full-time agent with 14 years of Central Okanagan real estate experience.

Here is what you can expect when you list your home, condo or property with Christine Wolter:

The Royal LePage sign is placed on your Kelowna property, a sign of excellence, trust and integrity in Kelowna and the Central Okanagan real estate.

The Kelowna listing is processed on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). In most cases, Christine chooses to provide her own photos to the Okanagan-Mainline Real Estate Board, as well as additional photos, if the property has special features.

Within 48 hours your Kelowna listing appears on our Award Winning Internet Site, www.royallepage.ca  marketing your Kelowna home or condo for sale to the World Wide Web of qualified home buyers searching for Kelowna homes and condos for sale. Your Kelowna home listing also appears on my Web Site, www.ChristineWolter.com  and www.ChristineWolter.ca  which attracts qualified home buyers searching for Kelowna homes and condos for sale.

Feature sheets are prepared, highlighting the special attributes of your Kelowna home for distribution to buyers and real estate agents. Colour photos are taken and brochures are prepared.

A picture and full property information is distributed to each sales representative who specializes in the area.

Advertising is placed in newspapers on a regular basis.

From time to time special advertising promotions are run by Royal LePage.

An Open House is held for real estate agents when the Okanagan Mainline Real Estate Board publishes the listing information. Open Houses are scheduled for the public, if appropriate.

A computerized Comparative Market Analysis is prepared and updated as required. You will be kept abreast on prices and market conditions on an ongoing basis.

A computerized record of showings is maintained.

You will receive timely feedback on all showings, agent comments and buyer reaction.

The Royal LePage Kelowna real estate office, located at 1 ? 1890 Cooper Road in Orchard Plaza, Kelowna, is state of the art, supported by the most up-to-date technologies.

Christine Wolter meets with other Kelowna real estate sales representatives regularly to discuss and promote her listings. The highly visible and convenient location of the Kelowna Office makes it a natural choice for buyers and sellers alike.

Call Christine today at 250-317-1782 or Email cwolter@shaw.ca


Occasionally, one can see "For Sale By Owner" signs, and some owners think that selling their own home will not only save them money, but believe they have an advantage over the sellers that have their home listed by a reputable Realtor?. Before you decide to take on this very important and legally complicated process?remember not even most Real Estate Lawyer?s recommend selling your own home yourself in today?s market. Here are a few of the reasons why:

1. You are limiting your exposure to potential buyers (less than 10% of what a good real estate broker will generate) which theoretically means your home will take ten to fifteen times longer to sell on the market.

2. The longer a home is on the market the lower the selling price is. Why? Because most buyers think that if the home has not sold after this long?there must be something wrong with the home.

3. The selling/buying process begins AFTER the buyer leaves your home. Most sellers think that all it takes is for someone to see their home, fall in love with the great decor? and the offer automatically will follow. Remember that the buying process begins after they leave your home. If a real estate agent does not represent the buyer, and they are looking on their own?they usually leave the home and start to talk themselves out of the buying process. If the buyer is represented by a real estate professional Realtors? are trained on how to overcome buyers remorse--a very common occurrence.

4. Because of the limited exposure you will very likely end up with a lower selling price. Remember, in order to generate the highest price possible for your home? selling means exposure. You need the maximum exposure possible, to generate the highest price possible.

5. Most buyers find it extremely awkward to negotiate or even to talk directly with sellers and therefore avoid FSBO properties.

6. Lack of negotiating experience and lack of pertinent information often will result in a lower selling price, or worse yet, a bungled contract and possible lawsuits.

7. The majority of qualified buyers are working with experienced real estate professionals.

8. Many serious buyers will pass by a FSBO home merely because they recognize that it is not in the real estate mainstream, this can some times make them wary.

9. As most local buyers now retain an experienced real estate sales person to represent them as their buyer-agency, you will probably be negotiating against an experienced professional.

10. Expected savings in broker's fees will also be greatly reduced if you offer a selling commission to entice real estate agents to bring potential buyers.

11. If you are planning to use a Lawyer to help you negotiate the offer, then your lawyer?s fees will be considerably higher.

12. Only real estate agents have access to the up-to-date market information. News reports cannot approach the timeliness or specificity available to agents. Further, real estate agents are involved in home sales much more frequently than the average homeowner is. This familiarity leads to a degree of expertise that provides an edge on negotiating and successful selling.

13. You only pay the commission to the real estate broker, if they successfully sell your home at the price you are happy with.

14. Accepting an offer is one thing, ensuring a safe and successful closing is quite another. Real estate transactions usually always have problems on closing. At times, expecting the Buyers and Sellers Lawyer?s to fight it out or resolve the problems, can sometimes mean the deal is lost. This is the time that your experienced real estate professional, can be the most important. Your Realtor? can act as a great mediator. Lawyers MUST act only on their client?s instructions and are not paid to negotiate.


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